The Wabash

This website features the Wabash River and the chronicles of a small group that has accomplished a task never before achieved by any person, or team, at any time. 

As of 6:35PM EDT on Wednesday, October 14, 2009, the four explorers below have crossed all 146 bridges over the Wabash River.  That includes all 47 in Ohio, and all 99 in Indiana.  The task was started August 15 and was completed in just under two months.  The last bridge crossed is the ONLY standing bridge over the Wabash River built for the purpose of pedestrian traffic in the entire state of Indiana.  That bridge is in Bluffton.

Please see THE BRIDGES PHOTOS link for the complete press release and photos.

Note that this team has set yet another record.  See the A NEW WABASH RECORD link for pictures and more information. Or click here for the news release.


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